Best Video Player Apps For Android

Android comes with a default video player which don’t have too many features, the stock Android video player is very old, while the other video players of Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo phones are better. In 2014 the stock video players used to come with fewer features…

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Get Traffic On Your Blog

Top 5 Platforms To Promote Your Blog Post

In 2018, everyone knows how to create a blog and how to use it but the problems come with traffic. Most of the people spend a lot of time on blogging but still don’t get good traffic. You might have stuck here. Are you not…

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Parallel Space VS Mod Apps

Parallel Space is an application that allows you to manage two different user accounts for any app installed on your Android device. Basically, you can create two different accounts for anything like Facebook, Instagram, Clash of the Clans, Candy Crush Saga, etc. Parallel Space is…

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How To Change JioFi Name and Password

Jio-Fi¬†is internet modem developed by Reliance Industries for Jio SIM users to access 4g without a 4g phone. This device work as a hotspot which allows us to connect our phones, tablets, and computers to it, to access the internet. You have to insert a…

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Top 5 Best Features Of Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Xiaomi Redmi is the top Android phone selling brand in India after China, Xiaomi’s headquarters are located in China. The Redmi Note 4 was the top-selling phone of Xiaomi in India in 2017. In 2018 Xiaomi has launched Redmi 5A, Redmi Note 5 pro, and…

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Whatsapp USA Number

How To Use WhatsApp On USA Phone Number

Having a USA WhatsApp number is the best way to conceal your identity and spy on your friends, your identity remains completely¬†hidden. If you are a Non-resident of USA and you want a USA WhatsApp number for business purpose then this article gonna help you…

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How To Get A Free USA Phone Number

If you are a non-resident of USA then you can’t get a USA number officially, but still, you want USA phone number for using WhatsApp and other social services, so you will have to purchase a phone number from online phone number providers, but here…

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Boost Internet Connection

Tips To Boost Internet Connection On Computer

We hate when the internet connection is slow, it create problems while surfing internet. The websites don’t loads fully and display less content. There are a lot factors which slow down our internet connection, few of them are given below Weak network signals in your…

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