How To Get A Free USA Phone Number

If you are a non-resident of USA then you can’t get a USA number officially, but still, you want USA phone number for using WhatsApp and other social services, so you will have to purchase a phone number from online phone number providers, but here I am going to show you an amazing website which provides a free USA phone number for lifetime.

The website is Textnow, it’s an amazing website which provides a phone number for a lifetime but you have to buy credit for making calls outside of USA. It will also help you to confirm your PayPal and other accounts.

How To Sign Up

The sign up is free, you can sign up using the desktop site or using its application, download the android app from here. I will recommend you to sign up using the Android app, the website doesn’t allow to sign up using the email address, there is only Sign Up Using Facebook option.

Download the Android App and enter the details to sign up, now open your email box to verify your email.

After verifying email address open the Textnow app and claim a free USA number, firstly enter any area code of USA and then it will search all the available numbers, you can also buy phone numbers of your choice, It will cost you around 4$.


Get A Free USA Phone Number

Get A Free USA Phone Number


Now you can make calls, send SMS using the USA phone number

How To Make Calls

Open the Text now app and click on the call button from the top right side, enter the number and hit the dial button as shown in screenshot calling in USA and Canada is free,

Get A Free USA Phone Number

Get A Free USA Phone Number

if you want to make calls outside of these countries then you will need to buy credits. You can also credits buy watching video ads and sharing this application with your friends.

Get A Free USA Phone Number

Get A Free USA Phone Number

You can also create an account for WhatsApp using this number, also you can use this number to verify all other services like Hike Messaging App, Paypal, Fiverr, IMO etc.



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