How to download Instagram Reels with Music

If you are searching for a tool website or Android App which can help you to download Instagram reel with music then you are on the right page. Here you will learn how to download Instagram reels videos with music. There are some apps and websites which can help you to save reels to your smartphone. It’s up to you to decide whether you would like to install the app or save it via the website.

How to Downlaod Instagram reels with music

There are a lot of websites and apps on the internet which allow you to save reels but only a few of them allow you to download reels with music. Here I have shortlisted a few of them which have the best user experience in terms of downloading, UI, ads interference, etc.

Download Instagram Reels With Music Online

Here are the best online reels downloader websites that can help you to save reels.

  1. This website allows you to download Instagram reels videos in high resolution with music. This site is simple to use, all you have to do is copy the reel link from Instagram and paste it to the website, and then the downloading will start automatically. This website works on both android and PC browsers.
  2. This website is yet another powerful website that allows you to download not only reels but stories, HD profile pictures, and highlights. You just need to paste the URL of the reel or post from Instagram to the InstaFinsta website and the downloading will start.
  3. This website is specifically made for downloading HD Instagram DP but you can also download Instagram reels, stories, videos, and photos with this website. The downloading process is same as the above mentioned websites. This website also supports a dark theme which is best for the eyes and the UI is amazing and easy to understand.

If you prefer using online tools to download the content then you must try using these websites and if you need a mobile app for downloading reels or stories then you must check out the below-mentioned android apps for downloading reels with music. However, using the mobile app for this is quite better because you can easily find and manage your download collection in one place.

Android Apps For Downloading Instagram Reels With Music

So, the android app market is quite large, and finding the best app is quite difficult. We have picked some of the top most downloaded apps with positive reviews and good ratings. Here are the best android apps to download Instagram reels in 2022.

  1. Instore. The first app on the list is the Instore story saver app, it comes with multiple features like hashtags generator for Instagram, captions generator for Instagram, and much more. By using Instore App you can also download IGTV videos, stories, profile pictures, and highlights. The process for downloading the Instagram video is very simple, copy the link of the video, post, or reel from Instagram and paste it into the app and the app will automatically download the reels with music. The problem with this app is that the size of this app is very large i.e 46MB. If you have less space and RAM in your phone then you should check out the below apps.
  2. FastSave. FastSave is also a popular app with 50 million+ downloads on the Google Play Store. This app is very simple and easy to use. The process of downloading the Instagram reel is the same as the Instore app. The size of this app is very small as compared to the Instore App
  3. Video downloader for Instagram. This app also has 50 million+ downloads. It is somehow similar to Fastsave. It can also download reels, videos, stories, and posts by just inserting the post link. The size of this app is also small.

So I have listed all those apps and website which are easy to use and won’t disappoint you while using. If you have any problems while using them, please comment down below.

Can I download reels with music?

Yes you can download reels with music by using all of these mentioned websites and apps

How to download a private video with music?

For downloading private videos with music, you have to use the Story Saver apps and log in with your official account from which you have followed that private account.

How to download Instagram stories?

You can use any website or app mentioned above to download the stories and highlights

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