Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money

Earning money online is everyone’s dream but unfortunately, no one knows the strategies to earn real money online. You can earn money from blogging, youtube, and many other marketing techniques but here I am showing you an easy way to earn money by just using your knowledge.

How To Earn Money From Quiz Games

Trivia or Quiz games are very popular nowadays, individuals have earned a lot of money from these games by just answering 10 or 15 simple questions. In these games, a host asks you some questions and you have to answer all of them in 10 seconds. If you answer all questions correctly you will be rewarded with money.

Mostly the prize (money) is divided into all the winners, means, if there are 1000 winners and the prize amount, is 1 lakh 100 rupees will be given to all the winners. You can redeem this money to your Paytm wallet.

Top 5 Quiz Games To Earn Money

Here are Top 5 Quiz Games which can help you to earn money by just using your knowledge.

1. Loco – Live Trivia Game Show

Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money
Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money

Loco is the first ever interactive game show quiz in India that will pay you every-time you win!
Compete against millions of users in every game. Feel the rush of playing in real-time as you race to get the right answers in under 10 seconds.

Steps To Play

  1. Download Loco – Live Trivia Game Show app
  2. Signup using your PayTM number or Simply use Truecaller for easy signup
  3. Enter your username, turn on game-reminders & get ready for an exciting game
  4. Once the game starts, The Host asks you ten easy questions. If you answer all of them correctly you WIN instantly on PayTM.

If you answer wrong, don’t worry you can always use a life. Refer your friends & family and earn lives.

2. Brain Baazi – Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money

Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money
Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money

BrainBaazi is one of the most innovative online trivia quiz games in India where you compete with millions of players in the live quiz game. The host asks questions, which you have to answer correctly to win the cash prize.

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Steps To Play

  1. Download the BaaziNow online game app and Sign up using your mobile number & OTP.
  2. The host will ask questions, each having 3 options. Only one of these options is correct

If your answer is incorrect or you run out of time, then use your extra Life to be in the game

3. Millionaire 2018 – Trivia Quiz Online

Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money
Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money

Millionaire 2018 – Trivia Quiz Online is a very interesting and popular trivia game. In this game, you can prove that you can earn. Take part in online leaderboards and millionaire player. Million is virtual, but your knowledge is real!

4. Qureka: Play Live Trivia Game Show & Win Cash

Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money
Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money

Qureka is a daily live quiz show that you can play every day for free, and win Rs.68,000 daily and also play for Mega Quiz for total ₹1,00,000 prize money on 20th October at 9:00 PM. You can play Qureka every hour from 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM.

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Our daily prize gets split amongst all the winners equally, and in case there is no winner the prize gets added to the prize for the next show. The show has 10 questions and you get 10 seconds to answer each question. A wrong answer will get you eliminated, but you can use 1 life per game until the 9th question to continue playing the game. However, if you do not answer within 10s, you get eliminated straight away (hint: always attempt!)

5. Go Millionaire-Trivia Quiz Win Money Browser

Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money
Top 5 Android Quiz Games To Earn Money

Go Millionaire is one of the most innovative and practical online live trivia quiz in India. When you start participating in the game, you will get part in the live quiz with millions of people at the same time.

There will be 12 questions at 10 PM. Each question has 10 seconds to answer. You must offer 12 correct answers within the specified time to win cash rewards.

Don’t worry if you answer wrongly. Share Go Millionaire app code with your friends, ask them to download the app so that you can get an extra life to save you when you give the wrong answer.

Bind your invitation code, all of you can get extra lives and use it automatically when the answer is wrong. Of course,₹70 can be got by inviting friends.


Trivia or live quiz games where you can earn money, you just have to use your knowledge and these games are not time wasting. It takes 3-6 minutes to play a quiz and earn money