The Best Blogging Platforms You Should Prefer

Best blogging platforms


This is the most common question of newbie bloggers who wanna start blogging as their career. Firstly they have to know What is a Blog ? The answer is here – A blogging is a simple and regular updated website typically run by an individual or a small group and it doesn’t require any programming skills.

There are many platforms of blogging but i here i will show you some popular blogging platforms which are easy to use and can make you a success blogger but before choosing a platform you have to make sure about on which topic you will write articles means in which topic you have interest and you can provide best of your knowledge. So here i am showing you the popular blogging websites or platforms according to their Popularity and usability.

      1. – This is the most popular platform of blogging also known as Self Hosted WordPress Blog. Actually WordPress Blog have two types one is on servers and the second type is to be hosted on any hosting with your own domain ( Read VS Here) . So let me tell the features of this platform. Best Blogging Platforms
        1. Easy To Use – or both are very easy to use but their dashboard is different
        2. Provides Daily Stats –  It provides you daily stats or traffic of your blog of each post with referral links and country information so you can know that from which country your blog is receiving maximum traffic.
        3. Lots of Plugins – In wordpress there are many plugins which will help you to configure your blog
        4. Lots of Themes –  There are many themes which you can use on your blog according to your blog’s topic.
        5. E-commerce – WordPress also provides you E commerce Plugins which could help you to sell E Books or any other item with full security payments.
        6. Configuration –  Since you have hosted this blog on a hosting so you can configure anything from your file manager or database
        7. Easy To Do SEO –  There is a plugin known as Yoast SEO which is the best plugin of SEO for your blog. It helps you to add meta keywords , description without any programming, you can do it simply at the end of post. (See The Full tutorial here )
        8. WordPress Android App – WordPress have also an Android App which is very easy to use but firstly you have to connect your Blog with account by using Jetpack Plugin ( See Here ) Download App from here.
        9. Contributors – You can add many authors which can write articles on your blog. You can also make other persons admin of your blog to manage your blog.
      2. – is also a good platform but it is very costly you have to pay if you wanna use your own domain otherwise you can use’s subdomain. It’s dashboard is little bit hard to use. Also for SEO you have to Pay some amount. Best Blogging Platforms
        1. In This platform everything is paid you have to pay money per year or month. SEO, Security, Own Domain, Backup are paid items. You have to pay money for these things. According to me if you wanna develop a blog and wanna spend a little amount of money then you should consider WordPress Self Hosted Blogs. but if you could spend money on the it will give you maximum performance.
        2. Some advantages of blog are – Fast and responsive blog, secure blog
      3. –  This is also a good platform of blogging by Google Inc. it also provides plugins themes but this platform is not suitable for E-Commerce purposes. Blogger
        1. Domain –  It provides a free subdomain but you can use your own domain free by pointing your domain to the given ip address. This is the best thing that i like in this platform
        2. Easy To Use –  In this platform, creating new posts and pages is very easy. You can also add meta tags easily. Also you don’t have to do programming, writing post is very easy.
        3. Customise – You can customise your mobile template and desktop template or edit it. There are many other templates available.
        4. Adsense Integration  – Since Adsense And Blogger are both owned by Google so we can expcet something better from adsense. Blogger provides adsense integration after 6 months in Asian Countries. You can monetize your blog to earn money from Google Adsense.

So Guys These are the best and easy platforms. There are many other platforms but i didn’t mention them because all those platforms are difficult to use and i don’t recommend them if you are a new blogger you should consider a platform which is easy to use.