Parallel Space VS Mod Apps

Parallel Space is an application that allows you to manage two different user accounts for any app installed on your Android device. Basically, you can create two different accounts for anything like Facebook, Instagram, Clash of the Clans, Candy Crush Saga, etc.

Parallel Space VS Mod Apps

Parallel Space is much simpler than you might expect. Basically, it’s an application that creates a virtual space that is completely independent and separate on your device that allows you to run other apps inside. That way, you can use the same application twice on the same device. One runs on your device, and the other runs on Parallel Space.

So now let’s talk about Mod apps

Mod apps are un-officially modified apps, in which all the restriction by the official companies are removed. Modified apps also provide some extra features which are not provided by official apk.

Parallel Space VS Mod Apps
Parallel Space VS Mod Apps

Pros of Parallel Space

  1. We can clone any app installed on our device and we can use it as a second app inside the Parallel Space.
  2. We can add clone apps shortcuts to the home screen to access them easily.
  3. We can clone inbuilt apps of the phone.
  4. Parallel Space is a lite app.

Cons of Parallel Space

  1. Parallel Space works very slowly, you have to wait for 10-15 seconds to use the cloned app.
  2. It shows ads in its control panel.
  3. We don’t get extra features in cloned apps, we can just use double apps.
  4. The cloned app is inside the Parallel Space menu, we can’t add it to the Apps menu, but we can add an app shortcut on the home screen.

Pros of Mod Apps

  1. We get some extra features that are not given in the official apk.
  2. Mod Apps are faster, as compared to cloned apps in Parallel Space.
  3. In Mod Apps, all the restrictions are removed.
  4. Mod Apps can further be cloned in Parallel Space to use multiple apps of one apk, e.g: We have one official WhatsApp installed in our device and one WhatsApp mod, so after cloning these two apps we can use 4 WhatsApp accounts in our single device, and there are a lot of WhatsApp mods.

Cons of Mod Apps

  1. Mod apps are moded by programmers and not official so we can’t trust them, they may be spying on us or anything else, always use a popular mod.
  2. Mod apps are not available in the Google Play Store as these apps are modified apps of the official apk, so these apps can’t be published on the Google Play Store.
  3. Mod apps show advertisements, which creates a bad experience while using them.
  4. Mod Apps can be banned anytime if they violate the terms and conditions of the official apps.


As per my experience, popular mod apps can be trusted for our daily use, and parallel space is slow and doesn’t provide a good experience. Also now in every phone, we have the option of Dual Apps, Second Space, or Samsung Secure mode. We can use these instead of third-party cloning apps.

But if we talk about Mod apps, they provide us some extra features, and all official restrictions are removed.