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How To Stop Facebook From Accessing Your Personal Information

Stop Facebook From Accessing Your Personal Information and Privacy


If you still didn’t hear about the incidence of security issues relating to Facebook then you must know that your privacy and personal data is being leak by Facebook. Accessing someone’s personal data is illegal but why companies are still doing that. Even we don’t want to share our privacy and other personal details to unknown companies. The personal data can be used in Election purposes, Interest Based Ads, Product selling etc.


Who Is Actually Doing This

Meanwhile news channel are saying that Facebook is doing this. Is it right or not? we can say right but actually Facebook is not leaking or selling our personal data to anyone. The Apps on Facebook developer Platform are leaking our personal data. Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Inc. is not accessing anyone’s personal data or privacy, he talked about an app Cambridge Analytica which is accessing the information illegally. There are many apps like that which are doing same i’ll show some examples so you can quit using them.

How Apps Access Our Data?

When we login to a site or an app by using “Login In With Facebook” option then that site or app starts accessing our personal data with our permission because we allow it to sign to access it and without access we can’t sign up. Here is an example of showing this procedure, remember this can happen with your google account too. Mostly these apps access our Name, Address, Email, Mobile Number, Birthday etc and some apps also access our Check ins, Likes, Activities, Pages etc. Even some apps can manage our pages. Well I’d recommend you to sign up always using your email and data that you want to provide.

How To Stop Apps From Accessing Your Personal Data and Privacy

Let me share the steps to prevent Facebook Apps to stop using your data.

1. Disable Apps Platform

Disable the whole apps platform to prevent apps from accessing your data but if you are a developer of Facebook Apps Platform then you can’t disable Apps Platform. See how to do if you’re not a developer 

  1. Go to your Facebook account and open settings and open Apps tab
  2. Click edit on the Apps, Websites and Plugins section and disable it.

2. Remove Apps Access

If you’re a developer and don’t want to disable app platform then you must take care of your logged in apps. See here how to check and remove apps accessing your data.

  1. Go to your Facebook account and open settings and open Apps tab
  2. Now you will see all the apps here, with which you have logged in, delete the unwanted apps or which looks like scammer. Click on the Cross icon to delete.

Like in my case there are many apps that i have logged in. The app Irfan Web is my own app it’s totally secure because i am not accessing anyone’s data, so i’d leave it and delete other apps which are accessing my personal data

Apps That Access Our Data, Examples

There are a lot of apps which are doing this scam on the name of funny apps, let me show you

We think this just for fun and nothing else but in reality this apps are working secretly

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