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Top 5 Platforms To Promote Your Blog Post

Best Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

Best Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

In 2018, everyone knows how to create a blog and how to use it but the problems come with traffic. Most of the people spend a lot of time on blogging but still don’t get good traffic. You might have stuck here.

Get Traffic On Your Blog

If you are a good writer then you don’t have to worry, be patient and work on promotion so you can get good traffic. In blogging the only one thing that matters is your content.

If you are a good writer and you have good content and still not getting traffic then you should read this article carefully. Today here I am going to show you the top 5 platforms where you can promote your articles.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Google Plus
  5. Quora

Well, I think you might be using all of these platforms in your daily life. So let’s start with Facebook.


Facebook is the best platform where you can promote your blog posts, youtube videos and other news Facebook is the largest social networking site. Steps to promote your articles or blog posts.

Top 5 Platforms To Promote Your Blog Post
  1. Create a Facebook Page with your blog name or domain name like my facebook page is Irfanweb.
  2. Link your Facebook page to your blog by adding a widget in footer or sidebar.
  3. After publishing an article, share the link on your fan page and you will get traffic
Top 5 Platforms To Promote Your Blog Post on Facebook

Here your mission must not be getting traffic by sharing the link, you must focus on getting likes on your page. Once you get 1000+ likes on your Facebook fan page then it will be easy to promote your content for next time. You can also share your blog post on your profile but I will recommend you to create a separate fan page and start building your audience. You can also use paid promotions.


Instagram is rapidly spreading in 2018, it is best for content and product promotion. You can also link your Instagram’s business profile to your Facebook fan page, So you can use a paid promotion on both platforms by doing promotion on one platform i.e Instagram. Steps to promote your blog post on Instagram.

Top 5 Platforms To Promote Your Blog Post Instagram
  1. Create an Instagram business profile and link it with your Facebook fan page. Add all necessary information to your profile, also add your website link in the bio section.
  2. On Instagram you can easily get followers, follow a few of your Facebook friends and they will follow back.
  3. Post the featured image of your blog post with the link of your blog post in the caption. After sharing the image you can also check the stats of your post.

You can also do paid promotions here, you must link your Instagram account with your Facebook fan page so whenever you do a paid promotion the post will be also promoted on Facebook. You can also see the stats of your post shared on Instagram i.e total likes, post engagement, etc.


Twitter is the most popular source of promotion of brands, products, and content but here you have to work hard for getting followers, so you can get good traffic. The same method is used here, invite your friends to follow you on Twitter, and then you can start promoting your content. Steps to promote your blog post on Twitter.

Platforms To Promote Blog Post Twitter
  1. Create a Twitter account with your blog title or domain name and add all the necessary information like URL of the blog, address, profile picture, and cover picture.
  2. After publishing any post on your blog, copy the link and post or tweet on Twitter with a featured image (you can use the same featured image used in the blog post).
  3. Pin that tweet on your Twitter profile so that your followers can reach it easily.
Twitter Post Insights.

You can also share your tweet link on WhatsApp for getting traffic and also followers on your Twitter profile

Google Plus

Google Plus is also a good social networking site where you can promote your blog. If you have a blog on Blogger then Google Plus is the best platform for promotion. Most people prefer WordPress, so here I am explaining the techniques of promoting WordPress blog posts on Google Plus. Steps to promote your blog post on Google Plus.

Google Plus Sharing
  1. Create a brand account on google plus with your blog name or domain name. Add all the information link your Blog’s social media links, Blog URL, Blog logo as the profile picture and a cover picture.
  2. Whenever you post an article on your blog, share the link with the featured image on Google Plus. If you have 50+ followers on your Google Plus circle then you will definitely get traffic

You have to share your blog post on these platforms but you can also get it done by your blog itself. Let me show you how to:

Install Jetpack plugin on your WordPress site and link it with your account. Now go to publicize settings and link all your social media accounts to it. Now, whenever you publish any post on your blog it will be automatically shared on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

You have to share manually on Instagram as Instagram is not supported by Jetpack auto share.


Quora is very different from all these mentioned platforms. It is a type of site where you can ask questions and people do reply with answers. For example, you have an article on “How To Write A Good Article“. Search this keyword on Quora and you will see all the answers by Quora users and authors, you can drop your article link there with a little description. Commenting on forum sites also helps you to build backlinks to increase DA, PA i.e Domain Authority and Page Authority.

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