Boost Internet Connection

Tips To Boost Internet Connection On Computer

We hate when the internet connection is slow, it create problems while surfing internet. The websites don’t loads fully and display less content. There are a lot factors which slow down our internet connection, few of them are given below Weak network signals in your modem. Background process consuming internet connection – Like Windows Update and other third party app…

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How To Stop Facebook From Accessing Your Personal Information

Stop Facebook From Accessing Your Personal Information and Privacy   If you still didn’t hear about the incidence of security issues relating to Facebook then you must know that your privacy and personal data is being leak by Facebook. Accessing someone’s personal data is illegal but why companies are still doing that. Even we don’t want to share our privacy…

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Top 5 Android Data Recovery Apps

Top 5 Photo and Video Recovery Apps Losing data is the biggest pain ever, sometimes by mistake we delete some important data or it got delete by someone, then we need to recover it. Recovery has two methods Recovery Software Recovery By Restoring Backup We almost don’t backup our data over the cloud servers and the remaining option of recovery…

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Samsung Secret Codes

Samsung Secret Codes For Information and Debug Tools

Samsung Secret Codes ? Before i show you the secret codes and their features, you must know what are secret codes? Secret codes are the codes that we use for testing and debug purposes in our phone dial panel. These codes can help you in many ways like you can check your IMEI code by dialingĀ  ( *06# ). This…

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How To Download YouTube Videos On PC

How To Download Youtube Videos

Download YouTube Videos YouTube is a platform where we can watch online videos, there are million of content creators on youtube which are creating and uploading videos. Sometimes we want to download a YouTube video because we want to share it via our self or we want to learn something from tutorial videos. We can also download YouTube videos from…

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Best 4G Budget Phones Under 10000

Best 4G budget phones under 10000 INR are here. Most of the people like to carry a small secondary phone for making calls and listening music. Here i am mentioning all the mobile phones which can provide good battery life. You can also use these phones as your primary phone with a little bit compromise.   1. Xiaomi Redmi 5A…

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Connect Jiofi Without Entering Password

How To Connect JIOFI Without Password

Connect JioFi without password with WPS push button technique. Jiofi is a WiFi Router made by Reliance Jio to provide 4g services on 3g and 2g phones. It also helps us to make free calls through Jio4gVoice App from any Android or IOS device. The default password of Jiofi is written on Jiofi box but alternatively, you can connect your…

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