How To Hack App Lock In Android

In this modern time, every smartphone of individuals is secured with an App Lock to protect the data and don’t let anyone see it. In 2017, Xiaomi has launched it’s inbuilt App Locker which is highly secured than the other third party app lockers meanwhile, Samsung has also launched its App locker known as S Secure. 

Hacking a third party App Locker is easy than the inbuilt App Locker, As it is a third party app we can clear its data, uninstall it or force stop it.

How To Hack Any Third Party App Locker

Third-party apps are those apps which aren’t inbuilt apps and can be installed or uninstalled at any time.

  1. Firstly go to the Settings of your phone and open Manage Apps option, in all most every UI Manage Apps is visible in the main settings.

    How To Hack App Lock In Android
    How To Hack App Lock In Android
  2. Select that third-party app locker and click on force stop, this will stop the App Locker to ask for pin or passwords while opening any locked app. This will remain stopped until you launch the App Locker. If you want to uninstall it you can do it too, or clear its data to reset app data.

Sometimes the Settings is also locked by that App Locker and we can’t access settings, here’s the solution but it’s working on some phones.

  1. Firstly download the Hidden Setting apps from the Google Play Store

    How To Hack App Lock In Android
    How To Hack App Lock In Android
  2. Now open this app and click on ManageApplications. It will redirect you to the Manage Applications without asking for the password,
  3. And then you can force stop or uninstall the app locker to access locked apps.

Hacking An Inbuilt App Locker

Hacking inbuilt app locker is not possible because we can’t uninstall it, clear its data or force stop it but still, we can access some data which is locked.

For this method follow these steps.

  1. Open Chrome browser, it must be the latest version or 3-4 months old
  2. Now in URL box type this File:///sdcard  it will dump all the data including hidden folders.

    How To Hack App Lock In Android
    How To Hack App Lock In Android
  3. Now you can open any folder to check data like photos, documents, and videos but unfortunately, you can’t manage it, even why would you manage someone’s data, you are just spying on it :p.



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