Google Plus Shutting Down Due To Massive Data Breach

Google Plus Shutting Down

Google Plus Shutting down: So Google has decided to shut down Google Plus after the major security breach. This data breach exposed almost half a million user’s data. So let see what is the reason behind the shutting down of Google plus.

Google Plus Shutting Down

Google Plus team said that; it is very heart to listen that today they are announcing that they will be shutting down Google Plus. Now I know this may come as a shock from a company with experience with other social networks like Orkut. But it just felt that people were not getting the value from their platform anymore. In fact, Google plus team’s studies showed that 90 % of visits were over in less than five seconds of sessions.

Google Plus Shutting Down
Google Plus In Graveyard

Why Google Plus Is Shutting Down

People skip Google plus in less than 5 sec. We are not entirely sure why people didn’t use the platform. I mean the Google team forced people to as you remember they made everyone who was on YouTube, sign up for the service. And the reason they did that is that they felt the YouTube community was the best one to showcase the more advanced commenting system they came with Google Plus.

And the Google plus team tell us before, what it really allowed people to express themselves in new and exciting ways it was a real ride. Oh they mean riot can we cross that one out don’t worry about it anyway as it turns out we just didn’t have what it took to compete with the big boys. They mean yes they did have the processing power of the technicians expertise reach the money. But like they said they were just outplayed by the big boys like MySpace. That’s right they were out last by myspace that one really stings can you delete them from my circle thank you and that’s why Google Plus is shutting down

Google Plus Shutting Down

And they should also mention that they may have also leaked half a million of our user’s data. But come on you should know from their phones, that they are not good at keeping information private geez. In fact, they leaked information a good Google pixel three years ago. Don’t worry they didn’t leak your private messages. It was just information like name, email, occupation, gender, age, nickname, birth date, relationship status.

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Final Decision

And finally where you have worked. And where you have lived luckily though this only affected users, who actually had enough time to fill in this information. So they apologize to all the workers at been speaking of workplaces; they figured this major security flaw was a great opportunity to know market Google+ as a secure enterprise social network. So users won’t only lose their privacy but quite a lot of money as well.

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Hey, at least you’re guaranteed to get fewer emails than LinkedIn the all-new Google – to stop the leak that happened three years ago. We are shutting things down in ten months.

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