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How To Get A Free Domain Name

How To Get Free Domain Name For Website

How To Get Free Domain Name For Website

How To Get A Free Domain Name – This is the most searched keyword on google by those users who initially start working on websites or blogs.

Let me make this straight, you can’t get a Top-level domain (i.e. com, .net) free because the domain registrar doesn’t provide these top-level domains for free, there’s a fee of ICANN which has to be paid to the domain registrar to get the domain.

How To Get A Free Domain Name

But there are some other domains which you can get without paying any fee (i.e. totally free). Some free domain extensions are .tk, .ml, gq etc. These are free domain extensions, which you can get for free without paying any chiller.

How to Get a Free Domain

There are two Domain registrars which provide free domain.

  2. Freenom

Well, I prefer Freenom because it is easy to use, we can easily manage our domain’s DNS and other settings, while is a little bit hard to use. So let’s get started with Freenom

What Is Freenom

A Name For Everyone

Freenom is basically a domain registering company which provide both free(.tk, .ml, .gq) and paid (.com, .net, .org. domains. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide hosting, we have to use another hosting for it and point our domain’s Nameservers to that hosting server. I will also explain how to point your free domain to your hosting servers.

Freenom provides a free domain only for 1 year, after 1 year you have to pay a little amount for it to renew.

How To Get A Free Domain Name On Freenom

  1. Visit the Freenom website and on the homepage search for the domain name which you want to register like or On the next page, it will show you all the available domains with extensions, choose any one of them and click on checkout.

    How To Get A Free Domain Name

  2. On the next page select domain period. Freenom provides free domain only for 1 year, after 1 year you have to pay 10$-12$ yearly. Choose the 12 Months @ Free option and click on continue.

    How To Get A Free Domain Name

  3. On the next page enter your email address to verify your account or if you already have an account sign in using email and password, after signing in enter your billing details (Billing details are only for security purposes) and the domain will be registered.

Now your domain is registered, it will start working after approximately 30 minutes or sometimes it may take a longer time. Then you can either forward it to another URL or domain, also you can point it to another hosting.

How To Change Nameservers Of Freenom Free Domain

Changing Nameservers allows a user to use a registered domain on another hosting provider by pointing the nameserver to the hosting servers.

Firstly go to the Dashboard of Freenom and click on my domains, then select your domain and click on DNS Settings

How To Get A Free Domain Name

If you want to forward this domain (Mean this domain will redirect to your selected URL) to another domain click on URL Forwarding and enter the URL.

If you want to assign Freenom free domain with your hosting then click on Nameservers and choose custom nameservers, nowhere enter the nameservers of your hosting, (like for finding nameservers of your hosting, contact your hosting support or also you can find from google.

Enter 2 nameservers only and after changing DNS Please allow up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate throughout the Internet.

How To Get A Free Domain Name

Should You Use Free Domain For Professional Websites

The clear answer is no, you must not use these free domains if you are planning for a professional business site or simply a blog. Your blog or business site on google will be considered as a low ranking site and your content will not rank on Google SERP. You must prefer using these free domains only for projects and testing purpose only.

You must use a top-level domain for professional sites and blogs. Prefer using these free domains only for projects and testing sites and scripts.

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