What Are the Best Platforms and Tools of 2018 for Creating Android Games

Playing games on mobile devices is one of the best ways to spend time while travelling or when you feel bored. This has strengthened the demand to create more immersive and attractive games for the gamers.

Android tablets and mobiles are widely preferred by those who are actively engaged in the zone of digital gaming. These devices have enabled the users/gamers to play lots of interactive and engaging games. Thus these gadgets have also become a key instrument to play a variety of games for almost all users of Android smartphones and tablets.

Android game development has acquired prominence among mobile gamers globally due to its user-friendly interface and dynamic environment. This is because of the increase in the users of smartphones. The global market share of Android users is expected to be 85 percent globally in 2018 is a clear proof of this. Android is the leader in the industry of smartphones, has made the business of mobile game development lucrative. In order to reap profits from this business, you need to be well informed about the process of making Android gaming apps along with using the most suitable android game development platform and tools.

Platforms for creating android games

If you lack in your ideas in utilizing the tools and platforms then your desired results may not come out as expected.

You can consult Android game companies in USA, to know more about the implications of the latest tools and platforms to create unique immersive games on this platform. You can hire an android game developer with the latest know-how for developing unmatched games.

Given below is a list of some trending Android gaming platforms and development tools that can work best in 2018:

App Game Kit: This is a gaming platform which helps in making game app development

convenient for both experts and beginners. It uses a language that is similar to C++ and is also user-friendly. Being a cross-platform for creating games, it helps in making games for all platforms at one go.

Unity: It is one of the best and commonly used android game development engines. This is also a cross-platform tool and supports building gaming apps in both 2D and 3D environment. In Unity, you can either import assets from a 3D application like Maya or you can also use assets directly from the store which is paid. You can also get a complete tutorial and guide from Unity Technologies which will help create android games for the first time developers. Apart from Android it also supports other platforms such as Windows, iOS, Fire OS and Tizen OS.

Corona SDK-Game Engine for 2D Games: It is a complete solution if you would like to use a platform with simple language. Lua scripting language is used here, which is pretty simple to learn and you can also do coding with it. Other than android devices it also supports Windows and iOS. It has a robust community with great documentation features. It has got mind-blowing 2D features using which you can create engaging games for the users. You can also use suitable and desired plug-ins from its marketplace. The real-time simulation of Corona can also help you experience the functionalities after making significant changes. Another advantage of this is that you can use its core functions for free.

Marmalade: This is another vital platform for Android game development which is quite popular among the developers. It is best suited in creating native apps for both desktops and mobiles. Using it you can create both 2D & 3D games. Here testing and programming is also simple as you can use different tools, codes, and libraries. Apart from Android, it is widely used in other platforms which include Windows, Blackberry, iOS, and Tizen OS.

Construct 2: This is a tool for developing android games in HTML5 platform. Using this you can create games in a 2D environment. No coding is required here and still, you can create visually appealing games for multiple platforms with its features. Some vital platforms served by Construct2 are iOS, Windows and web platforms such as Google Chrome.

Fusion: It can be the best choice for you if you are keen on creating event-based games. The UI is easy and it has got a full graphics library for the purpose of designing games. Supported in both iOS and Windows apart from Android, Fusion is best suited for creating static games.

Cocos 2D-X: This is a cross-platform framework for creating android games. It helps in maintaining the original structure of an API apart from enabling the use of other programming languages like javascript, C++, Lua, and C#. Using this you can come up with creating top games for different operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux. This apart, it also supports multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android.

Some suitable tools and platforms for android game development have been mentioned above. You can choose the most suitable ones keeping in mind the gaming idea/concepts, markets, budget, and targeted gamers. In order to make your android mobile gaming apps just perfect, you have to be specific about gaming attributes and the content.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, one of the popular android game companies in the USA. Besides being a techno-enthusiast, he has written a couple of online blogs and articles on android game development. An Android developer can get to learn lots of new things related to this by reading his write-ups.

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