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Name      –      Irfan Tahir

Work      –      Irfan Incorporation (owner)

Education      –      Pursuing B.Sc

Residence      –     Surankote, Poonch

Age      –      17 Years (Last updated 28/12/2017)

Current College     –      Govt. MAM PG College Jammu

Irfan Tahir Wikipedia

I am currently studying in Govt. MAM PG College Jammu

I am Software and Website developer. I worked hard in this journey for helping others. It is my hobby to explore internet more and more to get every type of information.

My first blog is Irfanweb – The World Of  Information Technology Innovations. I purchased domain on 22-Dec-2015 and hosted it on at that time i was using FTP access to create files and update my articles regularly but after few months i studied about WordPress self hosting sites from Youtube. I moved on it after 7,8 months to WordPress self hosting site which was a brilliant option for me because i can’t do programming while studying in Secondary school. Then i started writing articles on it about what i know, what i observed from internet, computers etc and how i can help other people. After writing 15 articles, i received many comments which made a hope for me to be a successful blogger but i don’t consider myself as a blogger. I am developer and started my carrier with blogging to know more about Internet, Social Networking, Computers and Mobiles etc but the reason behind irfanweb is here

What is Irfan Web?

Nowadays people face many problems with internet sources like Facebook, google etc. I saw many people searching the solution for their problems but they couldn’t find the actual answer of their question. So i decided to help people with my website relating to technology in simple English and to some extent with video tutorials. I love helping people. And i do this voluntarily.

Irfan Tahir Wikipedia
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Irfan Tahir
Irfan Tahir
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Irfan Incorporation
Irfan Incorporation
Poonch, Jammu, 185121